Meet the team

picture Alexandre

Alexandre Roque

CTO & Co-founder

I work remotely most of the time and I am always on the go. Finding a flexible workplace for an affordable price is not easy. Working in a café is not sustainable and commuting to an office can be exhausting. open2work provides great workplaces to anyone that needs to work with a team remotely or on his own business.

Lionel Ebener

CEO & Co-founder

Today in Zurich, tomorrow in Basel, the day after in St.Gallen... I need a workplace that also “travels” with me! I co-founded open2work because I believe the sharing economy and coworking trend will keep growing and I want FlexWorkers to find great workplaces that are affordable, offer great infrastructure and are close to where they really need it.

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Advisory board

Alex Just

Business Development

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Jakub Riziky

Product manager and design

picture Jakub

David Billeter


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